Boll Worm simulation 'Step' button does not appear to work (Windows 7 only)


On Windows 7 only: A defect has been found in the timing mechanism for the Boll Worm experiment on Section 1, page 3 of the SimUText Evolution for Ecology chapter.

Under certain circumstances, when the 'Step' button is clicked, the simulation does not appear to do anything. (In fact the simulation is running, but with an unusually long timing interval.)


This problem has been corrected and a new version of the chapter has been made available. To get the corrected copy:

  1. Use the Help > Delete Chapter/Lab command to delete your local copy of EvolEcology, and then
  2. Select the lab title from your My Assignments page in SimUText to download the module again.

Note: Replacing a module does not affect any answers you may have already submitted to the SimUText servers.

Related article: How to replace an out-of-date or corrupted chapter/tutorial/lab

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