Sliders responding to mouse click or drag in the opposite direction Physiological Ecology and Life History (On V2 Public Beta Version Only)

Vertically-oriented sliders were responding to mouse click or drag motions in the opposite direction than expected in Physiological Ecology and Life History modules ONLY.

This bug has been fixed. (Note: User-selected number values were accurate and simulation behavior was not adversely affected.)


To get the current content please make sure SimUText has been upgraded to 2.4.4. remove and replace the downloaded module content.

If a download fails for some reason or your chapter or lab is out of date, simply remove the existing content file and download it again to resolve the problem.

  1. In the SimUText application, click 'My SimUText' in the upper right corner to return to the My Assignments page. (For some labs the button is titled 'Home' or 'Return to Labs'.)
  2. On the application menu (at the top of your computer screen), select Help, and then select Delete Lab/Chapter.
  3. Select the chapter you want to remove by its shorthand title, click OK, and then click Delete to confirm. Note that this will NOT delete any of your saved highlights or answers.
  4. In the My Assignments page, choose the chapter title again to download the chapter content again.

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