Multiple charges appear on your credit card


You accidentally made multiple payments with your credit card, either by accidentally purchasing the SimUText materials more than once, or by clicking twice on the payment command during checkout.

This situation can also happen if your first attempt at the online transaction failed for some reason and had to be tried a second time.

If your bank statement or credit card account shows a duplicate charge, our Accounting department can refund one of the charges. Please follow the directions below to send us a request.


Please contact our business office by submitting a support request. Simply specify "Duplicate Charge" as the problem summary and include as much helpful information as you can, including the date you made the purchase and the name of the cardholder, in the problem description. Our staff will review your account and reverse the accidental charges.

Note: The refund process is done manually during business hours (not instantaneously) and we have no control over how long an individual bank or credit card vendor will continue to show a duplicate charge for your account after it has been credited back to you by us.

In most cases, a duplicate charge will drop off your online balance in 2-7 business days. If it takes longer than that, please contact your bank or credit card company directly for help.

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