Managing network security software

Several popular personal firewall programs on the market today, such as Online-Armor, Comodo Internet Security, AVG, ZoneAlarm, or Sygate Personal Firewall, allow you to restrict which applications on your computer can connect to the Internet to download or upload information. For example, you might use firewall settings to keep a trial-use shareware program from connecting to the Internet until you are confident that the shareware program is secure.

In a similar way, anti-virus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware programs can also potentially restrict what applications can connect to the Internet from your computer.

If you are having trouble with SimUText not downloading your assigned labs and chapters, or not submitting your answers to lab Questions, it is possible that your firewall program settings, or another security program on your computer, could be preventing SimUText from performing correctly. (Note that this is likely only the case if you have set your security programs to use very high restrictions.)

SimUText needs to connect to the Internet to retrieve your lab content, and to upload your answers to lab questions to the server so that they can be graded by your instructor. We recommend you put SimUText and on the 'white list' for your firewall application and/or your anti-virus, anti-spam, or anti-spyware application(s). SimUText uses the standard 'http' port number.

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