How do I update the USB version of SimUText on Windows?

Due to technical limitations, the USB version of SimUText on the Windows platform cannot be updated automatically, like the standard version can. When a new version is released, for example to fix bugs or to make a new feature available, you may be notified by SimBio (in an email, usually) or you may be prompted when you launch the USB application.

Use the information here to update your SimUText application for Windows only if you are running it on a thumb drive (also known as a USB stick or a 'flash' drive).

Tip: Follow the instructions carefully!

Current application version: Summer 2023, USB edition, v2.18.0

Confirm the version of SimUText USB edition for Windows that you are running now:

  1. Launch the application on your USB drive.
  2. Click Help > Version Info in the top menu.

If you have an earlier version on your thumb drive, you can update it using the instructions on this page.

How to update the Windows USB edition of SimUText

Before you begin: If you were prompted by the SimUText for USB application about an available update, remember to click Cancel in the 'Updates Found' dialog and use the instructions on this support page instead.

  1. If you are running SimUText from your USB drive, return to the My Assignments screen, click Log Out, and then close the application.
    Important! If you have been working in Offline Mode, you may have notes, highlights, or answers to Questions that have not yet been saved to the simutext server. To save your work, make sure you log in to SimUText while connected to the Internet before you proceed (and then close the application and move on to step 2).
  2. In Windows Explorer, navigate to My Computer and find the icon for your USB drive. Open the USB drive to see the files and folders inside it.
  3. Find the SimUText folder and drag it to the Recycle Bin.
  4. In your browser, copy-and-paste the URL below:
  5. Open the downloaded file to launch the installer, and follow the instructions to install the new version of the application. You will need to know the drive letter (in the Windows operating system) used by your thumb drive, to perform the installation. Windows Explorer should indicate the drive letter for your device.

After installing the new version:

  1. Launch the new version of the USB edition of the SimUText application.
  2. Log in, and then open each of your assigned chapters and labs to download them again to your USB drive. Your notes, answers, and highlights will automatically be restored from the server.

About the 2.18.0 release

This is the official released version of the SimUText program for Summer 2023 courses.


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