Where do I install the Mac version of SimUText for USB drives?

The installation of the USB version of SimUText on the OS X platform is intended to be loaded on a flash drive when you first install it.

To install this version:

  1. Download the .dmg file with your Internet browser, using the link provided to you by an instructor, SimUText support, or this related Knowledge Base article.
  2. Mount your removable USB drive device (Flash drive).
  3. Launch the .dmg file to open the installer package.
  4. The package opens a window showing a folder named 'SimUText'.
  5. In the Finder, find your USB device name under the listing of Devices.
  6. Drag the SimUText folder onto the USB device name. The installer program copies the application and all related files onto your USB device, which you can remove and take to any other Mac with a supported OS X release level.

Note: As you work with the USB version of SimUText, your downloaded chapters and labs also are saved on the USB drive, inside the 'SimUText' package.

See also: System Requirements for Mac OS X

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