Can I print a lab or chapter to a file instead of my printer?

If you want a copy of the entire chapter's text in file format but do not wish to print it onto paper, you can "print" it to Portable Document Format, also known as Adobe PDF or simply PDF.  This is an electronic format that can be opened and displayed on nearly any computer, moved and copied like any file, and also printed conveniently, if desired.

To save a SimUText module as a PDF, you can use the Print feature as follows:

  1. Launch the SimUText application and click on a module.
  2. Click on the Contents Button in the upper left-hand corner and select Print.
  3. Click on the first section to print, and then click the Print button to export to a PDF.
  4. Click on File > Save As... and give the file a more specific name.
  5. Go back to your SimUText window and repeat these steps for any other sections you would like to print or have available as a PDF.
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