Where is the workbook file for my SVL lab?

Some labs require a PDF student workbook for you to print and fill out. If you choose lab from the Home screen and don't see the Workbook Access window (and you know you need to view and print a workbook for this lab, because it does not have on-screen instructions), close and relaunch the SimUText application. Return to the lab you are working on, and if it requires a workbook, you should see the Workbook Access screen. Click the Open Workbook link to view and print the workbook.

On Windows, you must have Adobe Reader installed to view the workbook file. You can get the free Adobe Reader program here.

Unless instructed otherwise, you must print, fill out, and turn in a paper copy of the workbook to your instructor. If you would prefer to fill out the workbook electronically, see instructions here on using Adobe Acrobat.


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