Six Simple Rules for SimUText Success

  1. As soon your instructor provides your SimUText subscription information (which will include a unique link for your class), download and install the SimUText application. That way you can be confident that you have ironed out technical issues well before the due dates for submitting work.
  2. Immediately after installing the SimUText application, log in and select each of the modules listed on your Home page. This will download and save the content to your computer, so that it is there whenever you need it (even if you are offline). You should do this regardless of whether you are running SimUText on your personal computer or using a USB drive.
  3. If you have been assigned SimUText Ecology chapters, click on the navigation menu in the upper left-hand corner of each chapter to PRINT the chapter content (and/or save the file as a PDF if your Print dialog has this option.) This will allow you to review the material whenever you want, even if you experience technical difficulties.
  4. Avoid waiting until the last minute to submit all of your answers! If you encounter technical difficulties (e.g., internet issues), you will want time to return and try again.
  5. Plan your time so you won’t have to do too much in one sitting. Active learning requires more focus and energy than passive reading/skimming. Consider completing your assignments over multiple sessions, submitting answers as you go rather than at the last minute.
  6. If you do encounter problems, we are here to help! Visit our support pages where you’ll find video tutorials and answers to common, searchable questions. If you don’t find a solution, submit a support request using links on the support pages, and we will respond within one day.

We hope you enjoy our modules.  Our goal is to make learning a positive, productive experience.  Good luck!

- The SimBio/SimUText Support Team


(Downloadable tip sheet:  Six Simple Rules for SimUText Success)

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