The SimUText login screen says my username or password are wrong or Login Failed!

Problem: You are told that your username or password are wrong when trying to log in to the SimUText System.

When you try to log in to either the SimUText Student Portal (or if you are taking a class at a Canadian school, the Canadian SimUText Student Portal), or into the SimUText Application, you get an error message that either your username or password is incorrect, or that the Login Failed. 

Action: Make sure you are typing your username and password correctly

Usernames are based on email addresses. Make sure you are typing in the email address which you used when originally registering for the SimUText System. If you have multiple email addresses you might try typing in others in case you used a different one when registering.

Usernames are not case-sensitive, but the password field IS case-sensitive.

Make sure the Caps Lock key is not on when logging in.

Your username (email address) is not case sensitive. So if you registered as, you can log in to the student portal and application as, etc.

Your password is case-sensitive. It can be any group of letters and numbers, including capital letters. You must type it exactly as when you registered. When typing the password, make sure your Caps Lock key is off. (On most computers, the Caps Lock mode will force all letters to be entered in upper case even if you press the Shift key as well.)

If you received an email with your registration information, please note how your username and password are shown there.

Action: Make sure you are logging into the software for the correct country

If the class where you are using a SimUText is in a Canadian school, you need to use the Canadian SimUText Student Portal, and make sure the SimUText Application is set to Canada. If the class is in any other country, you must use the non-Canadian SimUText Student Portal and make sure the SimUText Application is set to the United States. To check and change these:

1. Try logging into the appropriate student portal: the SimUText Student Portal for all countries except Canada, and the Canadian SimUText Student Portal for Canada.

2. If that doesn't work, continue on to the next Action.

3. If you can log into the appropriate student portal, but not into the SimUText Application where you access the SimBio materials, look in the upper left of the login screen when running the SimUText Application. Make sure the country shown there is appropriate (Canada if you are at a Canadian school, United States if you are at a school in the U.S. or any other country).

4. If the country shown is wrong, click the Change Location link just next to the country flag. Select the proper country and click Save.

5. If you are still unable to log in, continue on to the next Action.

Action: The above steps don't help

If your registration was successful, but you can't log in now, try following the instructions in this article about being registered with the SimUText System but unable to log on.


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