Not sure how to register?

To access and use SimUText course content, you need an access key that will be provided by your instructor (for example, in an email or a URL given to your class).

Registering for SimUText is an online process through the Student Portal at (or, if you are taking a class at a Canadian school, at

Registering through a URL or an email link

If your instructor has sent you an email with a link to the SimUText Student Portal and the link includes the unique access key for your course, simply follow that link to create a user account, pay for your materials on the Web, and gain access to the SimUText application and content. (Some courses are pre-paid, as noted below.)

An access key URL has a pattern like this:

with a unique mix of letters and digits for your course.

Important! If you only have the URL for the student 'Welcome' page on, you will need to get the access key from your course instructor before you can finish registering.

Once you are registered for your school's course through SimUText Student Portal, you can download your assigned SimUText materials.

How to pay for SimUText

The cost of your assigned SimUText modules (labs, chapters, and tutorials) may or may not be covered prior to registration. If it is not, you will be prompted for payment as part of the registration process. You can use a valid U.S. credit card or debit card to do this, like a typical online purchase.

About SimUText Vouchers

A SimUText Voucher is another method of payment available for certain circumstances. Students who are required to purchase their class materials through the bookstore due to financial aid, or who do not have access to a credit card, can purchase a SimUText Voucher in the school bookstore. 

After purchasing a voucher and obtaining the access key from your instructor, visit the Student Portal at to create your user account and download your SimUText materials. During the registration process, there will be a field where you can enter the registration code printed on your voucher. 

Important! The registration code is not interchangeable with the access key for the course. It is a one-time-use code that will allow you to pay for registration once the Access Key is entered. (Access keys are not printed on the voucher cards.) 

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