I need to install SimUText on a USB drive (Flash drive)

If you do not have access to a computer on a regular basis, and you need to install the SimUText application and chapters on a removable storage device (also known as a USB drive, USB stick, or flash drive), you can do so with a special version of the SimUText installer program.


You do not own your own computer, but have access to a shared computer, such as one in a campus computer lab.


You can install the SimUText application on a removable USB Flash ("thumb") drive on one computer, and then mount it on another computer in order to work on your chapters and labs.

The modules you download and your highlights and notes are saved on the USB drive as well.

All of your answers and highlights and notes are saved to the SimUText system server, regardless of which computer you work on.


Download the current USB installer for Windows (v2.19.0) . Launch it and follow the instructions in the installer wizard.

Note that you must specify the correct drive letter of your mounted USB drive when installing the software.

Important! The Windows version of SimUText for USB cannot be updated automatically.  If your instructor informs you that an update of the program is available, you will have to download and install the new version manually. (Use the instructions on the Updating USB for Windows page.)


Download the current USB installer for Mac (v2.19.0). Launch it and follow the instructions that appear in the ReadMe file in the DMG.

Most USB drives are not as fast as a computer's hard drive. Starting the application and loading content (such as when you download a chapter or lab, launch it, or change sections) may be very slow. The program may appear to have crashed (the main window disappears), or be frozen (the main window goes blank). If you do not get an error message that the program is unresponsive, be patient!  You may need to wait for as long as 2 minutes. 

Older versions of the SimUText USB Edition
The links on this page download the installers for the most recent USB editions of the SimUText application . If for some reason you need a USB edition of SimUText that corresponds to an earlier academic term, see the Older Editions page.

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