Why am I seeing a 'submission failure notice' when I try to submit an answer?

If you are logged into SimUText with your login ID and password and then you use the Student Portal to change your password, your answers may not be recorded properly until you re-start the application.

Because SimUText is an independent application that runs outside your computer's browser, it is possible (but certainly not advisable) to have the application running and then log in to the Student Portal at and change the password. If you do so, your session in SimUText will lose its connection to the server, and submitting answers will not work predictably until you log out and re-start SimUText.

Submitting answers after changing your password

After you change your password on the Student Portal, make sure you close SimUText before trying to submit any more answers.

Open the application again and log in with your new password.

Use the Question Progress feature to review your submitted answers and re-submit any answers that may have been in process when the password was changed.

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