SimUText will not accept numerals with decimal comma for numeric questions

SimBio development has confirmed a report of at least one student computer that is configured with a comma being used as the decimal point in numbers, instead of a "." (period or full stop) character. This configuration may be more common for computers that are set to use languages (and numeric formatting conventions) other than English.

The SimUText server requires decimal values to be submitted using periods to separate the whole number portion from the decimal portion, which is the standard format for U.S./Western decimal numbers.

If your computer is set up (either in its primary language or in other custom settings) to use a comma character as the decimal symbol instead of a period, you may find that the SimUText server will have problems processing or saving the numeric answers you enter.

Submit numeric values with a period (.) as the decimal point, rather than a comma

When using SimUText to submit any answers that contain numeric decimal values, make sure your computer is not set up to use a comma character as the decimal point.

In Windows: open your Control Panel and choose the Region and Languages option. On the Formats tab, click Additional Settings. In the Decimal field, enter a period as the decimal symbol.

(The steps above are for Windows 7; on other versions of Windows, the location and name of the relevant Control Panel may be different.)

In Mac OS X: click the Apple icon on the top menu bar, choose System Preferences, and then select Language and Text. Select the Formats tab. In the Numbers panel, click Customize, and then enter a period as the decimal point number separator.

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