How to replace an out-of-date or corrupted module

This solution covers two potential situations: (1) if you have a corrupted module that you need to replace, and (2) if you have already downloaded a (working) module but you now need to discard it and download a new version of that same module.

Problem (1):
When you try to launch a module from the Home screen, the chapter downloads, but then fails to open properly. The program may report problems such as "failed to load experiment" or even crash.

Problem (2):
If your instructor tells you to obtain an updated version of a SimUText module, you must delete the older chapter or lab first.

The content file for each module assigned to you is downloaded from the SimUText server and stored in your user directory (home folder) on your computer. In the USB drive version, the module is stored on the USB drive.

If a download fails for some reason or your module is out of date, simply remove the existing content file and download it again to resolve the problem.

  1. In the SimUText application, launch one of the assignments.
  2. On the application menu (at the top of your computer screen), select Help, and then select Delete Module.
  3. Select the module that is not opening for you, click OK, and then click Delete to confirm. Note that this will NOT delete any of your saved highlights or answers.
  4. On the Home page, choose the module again from your Assignments to re-download the content.

The new module will open automatically.

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