Creating a user name with plain text


SimUText displays an error reading "Can't save module content. You don't have write permission to the current user's home folder"


The problem may be that the Windows user name or user's home folder contains characters that are not in common Roman-based alphabets. Renaming the user does not necessarily work, because Windows changes the display name without changing the underlying folder name in the Windows file system.

To work around this problem, run the computer using English as the system language. Create a new standard (or administrative) Windows user account with a name that contains only Roman-alphabet characters (A through Z, spaces, dashes, and numbers are all OK). You can then run SimUText from that user account. (If you installed SimUText for all users on your computer, you will not have to reinstall first.)

If you are not able to download modules after creating a new user account that does not have non-Roman characters in the name, you may have a general problem with user permissions in your computer's operating system. Such problems are outside the scope of SimUText support. Consult your system administrator (if available) or Microsoft technical support.

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