Instructions-page text and highlighting display poorly (Windows 7)

Relevant operating system(s): Windows 7


Using 'Windows Classic' theme in Windows 7 (XP window border/color styling) is not an optimal choice for viewing SimUText.

Some users have reported that under certain circumstances in the Windows 7 operating system, the overall look of the left-hand instructions pages in SimUText tutorials or chapters is poor. Highlighting does not seem to match the text that has been selected, table shading and backgrounds are out of place, icons are out of position, and similar aesthetic problems have been observed.


Isolated to Windows 7 operating system when a 'Windows Classic' theme has been selected as the look for the window borders, controls, colors, and other OS interface features. In other words, if you have Windows 7 but you select a theme to make your OS look like Windows XP, you will not get the intended design of the SimUText program.

To resolve the problem, change your settings to use a theme designed for the Windows 7 operating system graphical engine.

Changing your Windows 7 settings to an 'Aero' theme

  1. Close SimUText, if it is running.
  2. Right-click on the Desktop and choose 'Personalize'.
  3. In the panel named 'Change the visuals and sounds on your computer', choose a theme from the 'Aero Themes' group. (Don't choose the 'Windows Classic' theme or a High Contrast theme while using SimUText.)
  4. Close the Control Panel window, and then launch SimUText again.
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