Pages in SimUText are Blacked Out

Symptoms: As you page through one of SimBio's modules in the SImUText application, particularly if you page rapidly, some pages are blacked out or have graphics from previous pages overlaid. This is being most commonly seen on Windows 7 computers but sometimes appears on Windows 8 and 10 as well.

Status: Our developers are actively trying to solve this issue. It is not a problem with our software per-se, but rather with a widely used 3rd party library that our software relies on interacting with certain types of hardware that are found in some Windows computers. Other software companies have reported similar problems. We have a partial solution we are testing now and hope to issue an update soon.

Work-around: Switching from one section of a module to another and back, or quitting the program and restarting, often seem to cure the issue. Paging through a module more slowly seems to help prevent the issue.

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