Unable to run SimUText on unsupported or out-of-date graphics cards


You install SimUText but you get the following error message when you try to run the application "A problem cased the program to stop working correctly.   Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."


You may be able to run SimUText,  but the application screen fails to render (displaying as either a blacked-out panel or as an illegibly scrambled panel).

Both these symptoms are mainly found on Windows 7 computers.  SimUText needs an OpenGL2.1 or DirectX 11 supported graphic card in order to run correctly.

Possible Solution:

If you do have an OpenGL2.1 or DirectX 11 supported graphic card,  you may need to update the drivers for your graphics card.

To update the drivers for your graphics card, use the following instructions

  • Go to Control Panel>System and Security>System
  • To find your graphics card, click on Device Manager on the right of the System window, then select Display Adapters
  • Select your graphics card, click on Driver Tab,  and click on Update Driver.  We recommend you use the "Search automatically for updated driver software" option unless you have downloaded the updated drivers and saved them on your computer already.
  • Once your drivers are updated,  relaunch SimUText again. 

If updating your drivers does not work,  you should look up the end-of-support dates on the manufacturer's website.  If your hardware is no longer supported or not compatible with SimUText, you will need to use another computer to complete your SimUText assignments.  Some schools have SimUText installed on computer lab or library computers for student use.  You could also install SimUText on a different computer with a supported operating system and hardware.  If you have access to a computer but cannot install SimUtext, you can use our USB version of SimUText.  Use the Check-Your-Tech link for more information.

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