Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection failure

People using Mac computers running OS X 10.11.x (El Capitan) have seen the following error message when trying to download assignments:

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection failure.  Contact SimBio support for assistance.

We have released a new version of SimUText that corrects this issue. Please reinstall the SimUText software as follows:

  1. First, make sure that SimUText is not running.
  2. Go to your Applications folder and delete the SimUText application.
  3. Click anywhere on your Desktop or click the Finder icon on your Dock, click on the Go menu at the top of your monitor (see screenshot at the bottom of this article), and select Home.
  4. Delete the SimUText folder(s) you find in your Home directory.
  5. Log into and click on the Download SimUText Installer button.
  6. Reinstall the application from this new file.
  7. Launch SimUText, sign in, and click on one of your assignments.
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