SimUText needs to have either a Mac or Windows operating system to run, so you will not be able to install the SimUText application on your Chromebook.  However, we have several workarounds for Chromebook users.

1. University Computers:

Your university may have the SimUText application installed on university computers (computer labs, libraries, etc.) for student access.  If so, you would can just launch the application, log in, and begin working on your assignments.

2. Other Compatible Computers:

If you have access to a compatible computer onto which you can install the SimUText application, you can download and install SimUText as often as you need. Sign in to, click on the Download SimUText Installer button, and install the software from there.

3. SimUText USB Version:

If you have access to a compatible computer, but you are not allowed to install any programs, then you might want to use our USB version of SimUText. You would install this version onto a flash drive which you could then plug into any computer and run SimUText from there. If you'd like to use the USB version, you can download the installer from the following page - I need to install SimUText on a USB drive (Flash drive).

4. Remote Access:

If you don't have access to a compatible computer, but you have a friend or a family member who owns a Mac or Windows PC and will allow you to access it remotely (via the internet, so they don't need to be physically nearby), the Chrome Remote Desktop app should allow you to complete your assignments from your Chromebook. The application is free and can be found here: Once the Chrome Remote Desktop App and SimUText application have been installed on the remote computer, you should be able to complete your assignments from your Chromebook.

5. Contact Support:

If the above workarounds do not work for you, please contact our support staff to discuss other options: SimUText Support Request.

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