Changing Login name/Email and Student ID


Your email address has changed or you prefer to use a different email as your SimUText username or you made a mistake entering your Student ID.


To change the login email and/or Student ID for your SimUText:

1. Go the SimUText Student Portal (or, if you are taking a class at a Canadian school, go to the Canadian SimUText Student Portal)

2. Log in with the login email and password under which you are currently registered.

3. Scroll to the User Profile tab near the bottom of the page.

4. Enter the email you'd prefer to be registered under in the Login/Email field. Make sure this is an email which you check and where you can receive emails from the SimUText System.

5. Enter your proper Student ID in the Student ID field.

6. Click the Save button.

You should now be able to log in to both the SimUText Student Portal and to the SimUText Application using the new email address.

If you'd like to update your password as well, you can find instructions here.

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