Alert message - "Can't save module content"


Trying to download a SimUText chapter or lab displays an error that reads Can't save module content. You don't have write permission to the current user's home folder.


The user account under which you install SimUText must have permission to write files to the main user directory, not just the My Documents folder. For example, if you have a user account named 'Jane Smith' in Windows 7, there would be a directory on the computer named "C:\Users\Jane Smith", inside which you would find directories named "Documents", "Pictures", "Contacts", and other common folder names. This directory is also where the SimUText application needs to create a "SimUText" directory to contain all your downloaded labs and chapters, as well as a few configuration files for your SimUText student login. You must have permission to write to any part of the 'Jane Smith' directory in order to use the SimUText application.

Furthermore, your user account name must not contain any unusual characters (such as non-Roman-alphabet characters or non-alphanumeric characters). Numbers and some common characters such as dashes and spaces are acceptable, but SimUText is not supported when installed on user accounts whose names use characters from the broader range of the Unicode or Latin-1 character sets.


To ensure that SimUText can write to your user home folder, see Creating a user name with plain text

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